Electrical systems and embedded software

Electrical systems in today’s vehicles gives the user possibility to personalize the product, adds a huge variety of functions and a totally new values to the customer. A part of Sigma’s work is about the development of embedded software for cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. A common requirement for the software included in embedded systems of a vehicle is real-time response capability. Electric or hybrid-powered vehicles, development and integration of active safety systems, integration of AUTOSAR products are new demands for electrical systems today.

Active Safety

Development of Functions and Algorithms

An active safety system uses several sensors, such as radar and camera placed in a vehicle in order to collect information about the surroundings. Data is processed using advanced signal processing, and a realistic picture of what is happening around the vehicle is received.

Sigma gives you knowledge of how the features and algorithms will be developed and applied in the area of active safety. Sigma is using the latest sensor fusion technology and AUTOSAR platform.

Examples of Sigma’s competence

  • Night vision
  • Detection of road signs
  • Electronic supervision

Examples of sensor technologies

  • Radar
  • Camera
  • Lidar
  • Anti-Sensor
  • Steering Angle Sensor
  • Accelerometers
  • GPS

Sigma handles system design and related requirements in accordance with system security standard ISO26262.